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My name is Trina Goode and I am a professional organizer, cleaner and coach for 35 years. Personally, I've been a lover of tidy homes since I was a child.

So, if you've been searching for ideas and ways on how to reduce clutter, then let me inform you that you came at the exact place. I’ve put together a compilation of expert techniques that will help you get rid of clutter, forever.

Remember, all things have a cost to maintain and acquire. Most of this cost you pay with your energy and time. To lead the life you truly want to lead, you must first reduce clutter and all excess from your mind, habits and your home. It’s very simple to do, once you know the right way how.

It's my goal to see that everyone benefits from the knowledge and experiences I've obtained over the years and I would like to share that information and experience with you, free of charge.

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The law of attraction when it comes to clutter...
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Why you should stored things efficiently? With
  these tips,you will stored using common sense!
Tips that will make you not to forget where you stored
  things that you don't use frequently!
Understand why procrastinating can hurt you, take action
  now and you will feel the rewards almost immediately...
Work your way out that feeling of attachment to things,
  just answer simple questions to youself!
Tips to eliminate clutter from a bedroom as quick
  as counting 1,2,3.
Use a simple thing (probably you have it already)
  as a tool to declutter a room.
I'll give you a little trick for a teenager's bedroom,
  especially if it's a boy!
See for yourself how decluttering improves the quality
  of your life!
And a lot, lot more!

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